Do Design

Take a moment to think about the most important part of your day, now imagine a free tool that allows you to engage and enhance that aspect of your day.



1 week

Problem Solved
Developed an app to help entry-level UX designers build foundational skills.
Research all the way through to development.

Do Design is an application that generates a new UX related challenge each time the application is launched, inspiring the user to write, sketch and/or draw their challenge on paper, and once finished, taking a photo to save it to their portfolio. This application is designed for newcomers to the UX field who need more experience with wire-frames, user flows, drawing, sketching, alignment, and such foundational skills.


How can we help someone build the skills necessary for their desired job market with little to no cost and commute?


I believe that by creating a free UX learning tool that can be done anytime for Dane, we will achieve amplifying the most important aspect of his day while minimizing his frustrations.


Affinity diagramming allowed me to organize my thoughts, narrow down my focus, and identify trends, patterns, and themes. This was a critical moment for me because I initially began trying to solve too many problems in an assignment that was asking to solve one. This led me to interview him again, narrowing the focus, and one of the key questions asked was:

What is the most important part of your day?

Learning throughout the day as much as possible about UX design, how I can add skills to my resume, and really understand the skills and talk about them in an interview and use the skills in a future job.



After narrowing my focus with Affinity Diagramming, I used a storyboard to generate scenarios of what the user is trying to achieve, in what environment, in what context, and ultimately what would lead them to this application.

With the context mapped out, I could now create a prototype, which allows me to visualize what is possible, stick to addressing the problem, and moving me closer to making a usability test possible prior to the delivery date. While prototyping, I began with the end in mind and with the help of a mentor, I ensured I would create value before signing up.

“Making a user sign-up before they have been able to experience the value of the app is a downer.”



Now to test my assumptions. Through testing, I discovered that when the user clicked on the logos in the “Portfolio”, she expected to see previous designs. The second discovery is that she mentioned “SAVE” should be on the bottom, she said,

I don't know why but I feel like it makes sense there.


My approach behind the app features is to create a persuasive application encouraging positive behaviors. Using an ‘optimal challenge’, the user won’t be driven away by tasks too easy or too difficult; also motivating them with a sense of mastery, competence, and completion, all of which are ‘rewards’ to the individual.


‘Sharing’ promotes

a sense of community

Using gamification to persuade

positive behavior change through a reward model

The user doesn't sign in until after they've experienced the value of the application



I learned how easy it is to want to solve multiple problems and feature creep. I worked my way through this by focusing on the user's essential need and when you ask them what is most important to them, it's easy for that to become what is most important to you as well.

I learned how to not stay married to one idea and to 

embrace ambiguity.

Like any new endeavor, I learned how critical it is to try everything, realize your strengths and weaknesses, and addressing both through iterations. I learned how important it is to trust the process, the foundation that’s been laid down by others before me. The applied use of the Double Diamond design process was a wonderful experience. Adapting taught me how to scrap an entire idea and pursue a different route, adapting to time constraints, and adapting to the change to be considered after testing.


With the feedback I received from my peers, I will evolve this idea by considering these changes:

  • Add a feature that allows beginners to connect with other beginners via chat.

  • Allow the user to view examples uploaded by other designers.

  • Add a daily UX video, article, image.

  • Add an option to timebox challenges.